Zoomer Zupps - Spaniel Diva

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€ 19.99

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Zoomer Zupps are tiny interactive pups! These interactive pups respond to your touch! Pet their heads or press their noses for sweet puppy sounds. The more you play with them, the happier they’ll be!


With adorable light up eyes, each Zoomer Zupp has a special look, a unique secret trick, a fun ‘Zupp’ game, and will even bark "I love you!" . These kid-powered Tiny Pups don’t move on their own — they need your help to get around on their wheeled paws.


This is  Diva – a purple and black spaniel  pup – the legs are adjustable so you can make her stand, sit or lie down.Her secret trick is a twinkling tune plus one other to be discovered!


Ages: 4+