Streets of Gotham City - Two-Face and SUV

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€ 22.99

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Just like Two-Face, this SUV has an evil side that can make DC Super Heroes tremble with fear.


Get the Gotham City adventures rolling by flipping open the SUV's door. The driver's seat pops out, making it easy to put Two-Face in to steer the action.


Uh, oh … Batman is on his tail! Time to kick the adventure into high gear. Turn the Power Pad on back of the SUV to aim the cannon and push button to fire! Need to immobilise an enemy? Press to fire the immobiliser claw!


Will Two-Face prevail or can the DC Super Heroes stop him in his tracks? That's up to kids to decide as they use Two-Face and his SUV to create exciting new stories for the streets of Gotham City.


Includes: SUV, Two-Face figure, 3 projectiles and 2 immobilizer claws.


Ages: 3 - 8yrs