Streets of Gotham City - The Joker and Harley Quinn Battle Vehicle

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Double the trouble has just rolled onto the streets of Gotham City!


The Joker has a new vehicle that's ready for battle. Turn the Power Pad to open the tank's cockpit and put The Joker in the driver's seat. Roll the tank along and the claws spin to "rip" through anything that gets in the way.


If Batman tries to stop The Joker's fun, press the button to fire the launcher on the tank's "tail."


Harley Quinn is along for the ride, ready to put the hammer down on any meddling DC Super Heroes. It's up to you to imagine just how much mischief these two will get into on the streets of Gotham City!


Contents: A DC Super Friends The Joker & Harley Quinn Battle Vehicle.


Ages: 3 - 8yrs


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