Mario Kart 7 - Yoshi R/C Car

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Oops! Wasn't that Yoshi shooting round the track?


Yes, our little green friend can speed around at up to 20 km/h in his remote control car. Yoshi's giving it all he's got as he drifts right around the room in his Carrera RC kart.


Then it's full power into reverse - and even the spectators get dizzy. It's good that there's Servo Tronic and differential gears for precise control and steering action - to show the others what you can do.


The ergonomic controller always sits comfortably in your hands and the 7.4 V – 700 mAH Li-Ion battery can keep you going for up to 40 minutes.


After just 80 minutes of recharging Yoshi's back at full power again. Carrera RC Mario Kart TM 7 is Ready to Run with 9V batteries, a power pack, controller and recharger.


Contents: Car, controls, 2 AA batteries, high performance power pack & a charger are included


Ages: 6+