Malibu Shop Accessory Set

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Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse is absolutely amazing, but Barbie also loves to get out and shop - some of her favorite spots are on Malibu Avenue, including this glam Market.


With a working conveyor belt at the checkout counter, it’s a super efficient and fun place to shop. Plus, with a fabulous selection of food, Barbie will always find something to eat, whether it’s a simple meal for one, a romantic dinner for two, or a dinner party for all of her friends!


Have her grab the handle to “push” the shopping trolley and load in her groceries. Grooves and clips on the furniture hold the items in place - pieces have a unique plug ‘n play design feature that keeps them in place, making clean up easy and accessories hard to lose!


Once her grocery list is complete, head to the register and place the groceries on the belt. Simply push the lever to move the items along the conveyor belt. Place her adorable shopping bag on the shelf at the end to collect the groceries and be off!