Elves 41180 - Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle

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Lego Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle 41180 is a great addition to your Lego Elves Collection.


You will have fun building and displaying the Lego Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle. The Lego Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle 41180 features a 3-story castle with opening door, trapdoor into the dungeon, tilting bridge, living room and fireplace on the ground floor and a bedroom and bed with a secret hiding place.


Join mini-dolls figures Naida and Aira on their quest into the Magic Shadow Castle and win the final showdown with the Elf Witch Ragana!


Find the Elf Witch Ragana making potions, outsmart Ragana and lock her in the castle dungeon. Save Estari the unique baby Princess dragon, but watch out for the traps along the way and of course Jynx the evil cat!



Contents: the Book of Dragons, an hourglass, special capes and hoods for Naida and Aira, map, 4 bottles, 3 cherries, hairbrush, torch, hand mirror, 2 sushi-decorated bricks, cup, magic staff, water bowl, sink, soap, mirror, cauldron, chocolate bar.


Ages: 8+