Delivery Strike Motor Bike

Product Code: GGA24000

€ 24.99

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It's the brand new Series, 'Putrid Power' from The Grossery Gang and things are about to get messy!


With the evil Clean Team threatening everything grimey, gooey and gross, our favourite festering friends must join forces to fight the power of clean! Collect and build your foul force and take on the baddies. It’s icky! It’s sticky! It’s…Putrid Power!


It’s time for some “Greasy Ridin!” Grab your muckiest Grosseries and jump on the Delivery Strike Motorbike. Make your Grosseries flip out with this Sloppy Chopper and launch a surprise splat attack with the missile launcher as you cruise through the ooze! Now the Grossery Gang is ready to fight anything that may threaten their vile survival.


The Delivery Strike Motorbike Playset comes with 2 exclusive Grosseries. They also work with Grossery Gang action figures.  Collect and build your foul force and take on the mean Clean Team. It's time to play dirty!


Contents: 1 x delivery strike motorbike, 2 x exclusive characters


Ages: 5+