DC Super Friends - Batcave

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This  Imaginext Batcave has a try me centre turn disk in the centre that will open the Bat computer and rotate out two walkways.


To the left of the Batcave computer will be a “flight suit” for batman to put on before he goes over to the right and rotates another disk to move the batwing to launch position.


A bat pole is included to easily access the first level. Down there will be a disk that will open the jail if turned one way and open the large garage style door if turned the other for Batman to ride out on the included Batcycle.


Lastly the disk on the platform above the jail will open another panel on the front with a projectile launcher to shoot at anyone coming towards the cave.


Contents: A Batman cave, a Batman figure, a Robin figure, a flight suit, a Batcycle and 2 projectiles


Ages: 3 - 8yrs